Light one end of the Palo Santo stick, allow to burn for 20-30 seconds and then blow it out.

To cleanse your crystals, allow the smoke from the Palo Santo to waft over them.

To cleanse the energy in your home, walk around the room and imagine the old energy being replaced with new energy.

The burnt end of the Palo Santo will remain hot for a few minutes, so always carry it around in a heat resistant dish, such as your abalone shell included in the kit.

Palo Santo (Burseara Graveolens) or ‘Holy Wood’ is a tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal.

It is an aromatic wood used for centuries by the Incas and other cultures as a spiritual remedy. Used for incense and smudging it creates a pleasant, fresh smelling smoke with hints of mint and citrus with underlying notes of frankincense. Thought to purge bad spirits, it is also said that it enhances creativity and brings good fortune.

Peruvians harvest fallen branches and twigs of the Burseara Graveolens tree, a practice that is regulated by the government of Peru, so trees are not cut for wood harvesting.

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