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Silver Mini Freeform Gemstone Necklace

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Gorgeous mini freeform gemstone pendant on a 45cm stainless steel necklace.

This listing is for one necklace from those pictured, based on your gemstone selection. Left to right: turquoise magnesite, rose quartz, amethyst, green aventurine, clear quartz, or amazonite.

Pendant size is approximately 1.5cm.


Turquoise Magnesite:

Turquoise Magnesite reminds the wearer to love themselves which in turn increases self-confidence + self-esteem.

Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz may have been gifted as a token of love as early as 600 BC.

Rose Quartz brings a warmth of compassion and unconditional love and encourages forgiveness of mistakes, your own and others’.

It is said that Rose Quartz may help to strengthen personal love relationships.


Amethyst is a form of quartz that is coloured by different amounts of minerals and can range in colour from dark vivid purple to pale lilac.

Amethyst is traditionally the birthstone for the month of February.

Amethyst wards off negative energy and enhances personal spiritual awareness.

Green Aventurine:

Aventurine, along with Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Jade & Sapphire, has been used to make the famous Fabergé eggs.

Gentle & supportive, Aventurine encourages zest for life + gratitude for all that has been received.

The name Aventurine comes from the Italian a ventura, meaning ‘by chance’ and is considered, by some, to be a stone that brings luck.

Green Aventurine is used to clear away negative emotional patterns & calms feelings of anger.

Clear Quartz:

Crystals including Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine are actually Clear Quartz that have been coloured by impurities.

Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal that supports the mind, body and spirit to refocus on clear goals, supports concentration and amplifies whatever thoughts have been programmed into it.

Many Clear Quartz crystals contain air or water bubbles or other inclusions that create rainbow reflections in the light.


Amazonite is found in Colorado, often occurring in clusters with Smoky Quartz, and is also found alongside granite deposits.

Amazonite facilitates loving and compassionate communication by bridging the throat and heart chakras.



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Always amazing!

These are absolutely gorgeous and I am sooo happy with my necklace!! Every time I get an order from here it is wrapped beautifully and with such care and love... I will always come back.. belle is amazing. Thank you!!!!!