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The Zen Zone Co

Ombré Moon Phase Bracelet

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Accent Beads

Gorgeous bracelet featuring 8mm sandalwood, faceted black onyx, larvikite & grey crystal quartz beads with 10mm faceted clear quartz beads.

Your choice of silver or gold accent beads.

MANTRA: I flow with my phases


Clear Quartz:

Crystals including Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine are actually Clear Quartz that have been coloured by impurities.

Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal that supports the mind, body and spirit to refocus on clear goals, supports concentration and amplifies whatever thoughts have been programmed into it.

Many Clear Quartz crystals contain air or water bubbles or other inclusions that create rainbow reflections in the light.


Larvikite (also known as Norwegian Moonstone) is mined in Larvik, Norway and encourages rationality and grounding.

Larvikite compels those with dreams to take action to achieve their goals and avoids allowing choices to be made by emotion only.


Onyx encourages inner stillness + helps focus during meditation. A great crystal to support a healthy work/life balance.


Besides the beautiful fragrance that sandalwood provides, it also supports mental clarity + relaxation.

Price is per bracelet.

For information regarding sizing, please click here.

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Thank you

This amazing bracelet came quickly and with a really thoughtful and much appreciated letter and free gift. I truly am blown away by this gift as I didn't expect it and I have been super interested in palo santo! Thank you so much for everything! I love my bracelet so so much! Thanks again, I am very happy :)