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The Zen Zone Co

Gone Bush Bracelet

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This magical mala bracelet features 8mm African Turquoise, deep green Apatite, beautifully scented Sandalwood, Smoky Quartz, Ebony Blackwood and matte Black Onyx beads.


African Turquoise:

Don’t be confused by the name! Although it is mined in Africa, this stone is actually a form of Jasper, not Turquoise.

African Turquoise is considered the ‘Stone of Evolution’ as it encourages spiritual growth and grounding whilst awakening one’s soul purpose.

It opens the mind to new ideas and possibilities while encouraging action, bringing with it structure, balance and prosperity.


Apatite aids focus and concentration by structuring thinking and bringing disordered thoughts and ideas into a more cohesive focus. Carrying Apatite will help you focus when you need to multitask.


Onyx encourages inner stillness + helps focus during meditation. A great crystal to support a healthy work/life balance.

Smoky Quartz:

Smoky Quartz crucifixes were traditionally hung on bedroom walls in Switzerland, Austria and Germany to keep away evil (human and paranormal), particularly at night.

Price is per bracelet.

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