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Goddess of the Sea Bracelet

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This gorgeous mala bracelet features Blue Apatite, Crackle Quartz, White Jade, faceted Clear Quartz, beautiful blue-flash Moonstone + two types of Russian Amazonite beads.



Amazonite is found in Colorado, often occurring in clusters with Smoky Quartz, and is also found in Russia alongside granite deposits.

Amazonite facilitates loving and compassionate communication by bridging the throat and heart chakras.


Apatite aids focus and concentration by structuring thinking and bringing disordered thoughts and ideas into a more cohesive focus. Carrying Apatite will help you focus when you need to multitask.

Clear Quartz:

Crystals including Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine are actually Clear Quartz that have been coloured by impurities.

Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal that supports the mind, body and spirit to refocus on clear goals, supports concentration and amplifies whatever thoughts have been programmed into it.

Many Clear Quartz crystals contain air or water bubbles or other inclusions that create rainbow reflections in the light.

Rainbow Moonstone:

The Celts and Romans wore Moonstone set in brooches, rings and pendants.

Moonstone is traditionally the birthstone for the month of June.

Rainbow Moonstone (also known as Blue Moonstone) gently clears negative energy whilst restoring inner peace and tranquility.

Price is per bracelet.

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Megan Hollingsworth
So beautiful

Lovely and light, sea greens and blues, beautiful moonstone for protection. Gives such a calm feeling. J'adore!