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Citrine Necklace | Gold | 55cm

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Citrine never needs to be cleansed as it doesn’t absorb negative energy, which makes it the perfect shield against jealousy and spite.

Citrine stimulates creative thinking, helping to turn thoughts into reality and allowing you to benefit from its wealth- and luck-bringing powers.

CHAKRAS | solar plexus + sacral

Double terminated points represent balance and remind us of the importance of giving and receiving. They transmit and receive energy from both ends. Horizontal double terminated points strengthen the auric shield and surround the wearer with the properties of the crystal.

You will receive the necklace in these photos.

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Anna Flannery
Incredibly beautiful and amazing quality.

So happy with my purchase, my little selenite bar necklace pairs perfectly with my double pointed citrine necklace! Amazing service & packaging. You can feel the love and care taken. #supportsmallbusiness 💜