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Amazonite, Smoky Quartz + Lepidolite Egg

Amazonite, Smoky Quartz + Lepidolite Egg

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Amazonite is a stone of both masculine and feminine energies, allowing us to see both sides of a problem and different points of view in a discussion. While alleviating worry and fear and soothing emotional trauma, it dispels any negative energy, aggravation and blockages. Amazonite works closely on the Heart and Throat Chakras, but it can soothe all other Chakras.

CHAKRA | Heart, Throat


ZODIAC | Virgo

AFFIRMATION | It is in silence that I hear all I need to know.



Smoky Quartz is a wonderful anchoring stone which disperses fear, as it lifts depression and negativity. It is known to bring emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety while promoting positive thoughts and actions. Smoky Quartz is a cleansing and clearing stone thought to alleviate negative thoughts and self destructive tendencies while helping to manifest our dreams.



ZODIAC | Capricorn, Scorpio

AFFIRMATION | I am manifesting my dreams with each thought, action and intention.



Lepidolite is sometimes called the "peace stone" or "grandmother stone" because of its nurturing and calming properties, bringing about deep soothing and emotional healing. It is also the 'stone of transition', helping us to make changes to overcome emotional and mental dependency. It encourages us to focus on what is important and reduce distractions, building on self love and trust.

CHAKRA | Third Eye, Crown

ELEMENT | Earth, Water

ZODIAC | Libra

AFFIRMATION | I release all blocks to my spiritual connection.




SIZE | approximately 6.5cm high

WEIGHT | 170 grams

You will receive the crystal in these photos.

Comes with free stand.



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