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Gypsea Jewel Studio

Hocus Pocus Mala Necklace | Carnelian, Citrine, Strawberry Quartz, Sunstone Quartz + Super Seven

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This mala is offered by our sister brand, Gypsea Jewel Studio. To purchase, please visit the Gypsea Jewel Studio website here.

This hand-knotted 108 bead mala necklace features 8mm round Citrine, Carnelian, Strawberry Quartz, Sunstone Quartz and Super Seven beads, and is accented with gold beads. 

This mala necklace was knotted using double strength, vegan-friendly burnt orange coloured thread and is finished with a stunning Ametrine pendant.

Each bead of this mala necklace is separated by a knot which was tied with the Om Namah Shivaya mantra, meaning ‘I honor the divinity within myself’. Wear or use this mala as a reminder of the divine energy you have within yourself.

☼ Handmade with love and positive intentions in my home studio in rural New South Wales, Australia using high quality beads and vegan-friendly, double-strength thread ☼

Ametrine is a beautiful blend of Amethyst and Citrine. Both of these crystals are types of Quartz that are coloured by different amounts of iron. When Amethyst is heated it turns into Citrine so the varying colours within Ametrine suggests that the crystal is exposed to different levels of heat during the natural formation process.

Ametrine supports the crown chakra and solar plexus chakra and thus stimulates creativity and enhances concentration to bring ideas to fruition.

CHAKRA | crown, third eye, solar plexus + sacral

Carnelian ranges in colour from clear to deep orange-red and even brown and may contain specks, banding or stripes.

Carnelian is traditionally the birthstone for the month of July.

Carnelian increases courage when facing personal challenges and can also be used to ease stress and tension.

CHAKRA | solar plexus, sacral + root

Citrine never needs to be cleansed as it doesn’t absorb negative energy, which makes it the perfect shield against jealousy and spite.

Citrine stimulates creative thinking, helping to turn thoughts into reality and allowing you to benefit from its wealth- and luck-bringing powers.

CHAKRA | solar plexus + sacral

Strawberry Quartz increases self-esteem & helps to keep a sense of perspective during familial dramas.

Strawberry Quartz is good for children who hate being away from home, and also makes temporary accommodation feel more home-like for those who travel regularly.

CHAKRA | heart + root

Sunstone provides perseverance to assist you in achieving your goals & reminds you to enjoy the present without worrying about what the future may bring.

Wear or hold a piece of Sunstone to feel enthusiastic & full of life or combine with Moonstone to combine god & goddess powers.

CHAKRA | sacral

Super Seven consists of Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Cacoxenite, and Goethite. Not every piece of Super Seven contains all of these, however each piece still has the benefits of all seven crystals.

Also known as Melody Stone or Sacred Seven, this stone is a high-vibration stone whose energies will connect all of humanity and guide you in helping make a difference in the vibrations of the whole planet.

CHAKRA | all

Total weight: ~ 150 grams

Total inner loop: ~ 40.5 inches / 103 cm

You will receive the mala necklace pictured.

*Accessories not included.



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